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Can I Drive My Car If It Says Service Stabilitrak

Can I Drive My Car If It Says Service Stabilitrak

Many modern cars are equipped with StabiliTrak, a stability control system that assists the driver in controlling the car during emergency drives or in bad weather. The system stabilizes the car and keeps it in the right direction by controlling the failure of individual wheels by periodically breaking them and sometimes adjusting the engine power. Therefore, “Can I drive my car if it says service StabiliTrak?” you will find out not so much about the problem, but about its risks, price, and possible solutions.

Understand StabiliTrak and how it works.

Many modern cars are equipped with “StabiliTrak”, which is the abbreviated form of Electronic Stability Control (ESC). It relies on sensors and control modules to detect the vehicle’s stability, notably when driving is harsh or a sudden action is performed. StabiliTrak diagnosis also implies a few more common checks

Under continuous monitoring by the StabiliTrak system, variables such as steering angle, lateral acceleration, and wheel speed. When StabiliTrak believes the vehicle is slipping, sliding, or deviating from the intended path, the system can react by adjusting engine power and engaging the individual brakes to bring the vehicle back into line and on its way.

Issues faced by Service StabiliTrak Message

Sensor Fault

One possible reason for the Service StabiliTrak indicator is sensor breakdown. The sensors control the wheels’ speeds, steering wheel positioning, latitudinal acceleration, and other factors. If one of the sensors, or its bindings sends incorrect information to StabiliTrak, the car will signal the defect.

Electrical problems

Electrical problems that prevent the StabiliTrak design from functioning properly include faulty wiring and corroded connections. If the system cannot operate satisfactorily due to a lack of required information, the Service StabiliTrak message will be generated

Software issues

It should be noted that software problems or programming errors may cause the messages via a vehicle’s onboard computer to display incorrectly. Sometimes updating the program or restoring it can solve the problem, if not, then you should ask for a service.

Can I drive my car with a Service Stabilitrak light on?

Most of the time, your car can drive with a “Service Stabilitrak” warning; in any event, best to know what this warning symbolizes in the first place. It’s an Electronic Stability Control system or ESC, and its main aim is to help the driver keep control of the car.

When a warning symbol lights up, it might be due to a variety of things; for example, a malfunction in the device, low-level brake fluid, or the necessity to adjust or recalibrate something. In any case, I would not advise you to keep riding the car like that since it can also become dangerous for you, your passengers, and the vehicle.

In rear cases, your car won’t even start. This, however, is unlikely, as other warning lights such as the Check Engine Light will also be on. If there’s a problem with the engine, the StabiliTrak system may be automatically disabled to keep the engine safe from any further harm.

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How to reset the Service Stabilitrak light?

When you have found out the reasons behind your car’s Service Stabilitrak warning and fixed the problem, you should reset the system. This procedure can be carried out by either restarting your car or detaching the car battery for at least 30 seconds.

If both of the methods do not have any effect, then a trained technician will need to reset the system using special diagnostic equipment. Also, the procedure of resetting the Service Stabilitrak warning may be possible depending on the car’s make, with essential steps being described in the car owner’s manual.


Don’t ignore the Service Stabilitrak. Though it may be tempting to drive on, especially if you think the issue is minimal, your safety and the safety of your car will be at risk. It’s crucial to stay calm, keep safe first, and contact an expert for assistance in determining the root cause and addressing it effectively. Keep in mind that excellent maintenance practices and timely repairs can help you stay safe and prevent the occurrence of more severe problems while operating your auto.

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