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Full Time Driver in Dubai

Discover the assurance of a dedicated, full time driver in Dubai with Easy Driveae. Our expert driver services in Dubai are tailored to meet your daily commuting needs seamlessly. Trust in our experienced chauffeurs to navigate the city’s roads safely and efficiently, ensuring your peace of mind. Let us handle the driving while you focus on what truly matters. Experience unparalleled convenience with Easy Driveae today.

Hire Full Time Driver Dubai

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Enjoy Seamless Daily Transport with Full Time Driver Service

Do your busy days feel like a non-stop race against the clock? Are you constantly checking your watch, calculating traffic times and getting stuck in endless Dubai traffic jams? 

Stop letting unreliable transportation add even more stress to your overloaded schedule. With Easy Driveae’s full time driver services, you can optimize your day and travel around Dubai with ease.

Having a skilled personal driver handle all your driving needs is the ultimate convenience. Keep reading to see how gaining a dedicated driver from Easy Driveae transforms hectic days into smooth sailing.

Optimize Your Schedule with a Full Time Driver’s Reliable Service

At Easy Driveae, we understand that your time is valuable. You have places to be and can’t afford unreliable transportation that leaves you waiting, makes you late or disrupts your productivity. 

By engaging one of our full time drivers in Dubai, you get punctual pickups and drop-offs exactly when and where you need them. Your experienced driver working regular hours becomes an integral part of your team, ensuring you stay on schedule.

With an Easy Driveae driver you can:

  • Start and end each day on time without transportation hiccups
  • Move seamlessly between tightly scheduled meetings and obligations 
  • Avoid wasting time waiting for late drivers or unexpected delays
  • Focus on being productive en route instead of battling traffic

Don’t let transportation slow you down. Our professional full time drivers help optimize your days.

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Benefits of Our Full Time Driver Service

At Easy Driveae, we provide safe and reliable full time driver services throughout Dubai. Our professional drivers are ideal for getting around Dubai safely.

Consistency with a Driver

Get to know your personal driver over time and establish rapport and trust through regular schedules and repeated shared drives.

Rely on Enhanced Reliability

Our full time drivers are dedicated to providing timely, consistent service. You can count on your regular driver to always arrive punctually for any scheduled pickups or drop-offs based on your set schedule.

Customized Flexibility

We understand schedules change so you can easily customize your driver’s standard hours and routes as needed to accommodate new demands.

Extensive Local Expertise

Your seasoned driver will get to know your common routes intimately. They will also masterfully utilize their expansive knowledge of Dubai’s ever-changing landscape, traffic patterns, construction zones and shortcuts to optimally navigate your commutes.

Door-to-Door Convenience

Forget parking headaches and airport trams. With our full time driver service, you get picked up and dropped off right at your front door, ensuring ultimate start-to-finish convenience.

Maximize Your Productivity

Keep your eyes on your laptop, not the road, when you have a dedicated driver. Use your valuable commuting time to get ahead on calls, emails, projects and anything else you need to optimize your workday productivity.

Minimize Transportation Stress

No more battling traffic jams or hunting for parking spaces yourself. Your skilled full time driver smoothly handles all driving duties so you avoid daily transportation headaches.

Cost-Effective Solution

Gain all the perks of having your own private car service, without the high costs and frustrating responsibilities associated with owning your own vehicle in Dubai. 

customize your own driving solution

Customize Your Own Driving Solution

At Easy Driveae, you get to hand pick your own dedicated driver and create a schedule that suits your unique needs.

First, browse profiles and select your preferred driver based on:

  • Locations regularly serviced
  • Language abilities
  • Driving record and experience 
  • Personality match

Next, establish your optimal schedule:  

  • Ongoing or temporary basis
  • Consistent start/end times 
  • Specific hours and days needed
  • Standard routes and common destinations

With your dedicated full time driver, you get reliable service fully customized for your needs.

Enjoy a Consistent, Familiar Face Behind the Wheel

Having different drivers with varying skill levels can feel unsettling and unsafe. With Easy Driveae’s full time driver service, you get consistency. 

The same outstanding driver handles all your rides. Over time, you establish rapport, building trust and comfort. Your driver learns your preferred routes, habits, conversation levels and more.

Benefits include:

  • Building relationship with a driver who gets to know you
  • Feeling at ease with a familiar face
  • Skipping onboarding each new unknown driver 
  • Having set expectations and accountability

With a dedicated full time driver, your commute feels like riding with a friend.

Leverage Driver’s Local Knowledge 

Dubai’s ever-growing infrastructure can challenge even the most seasoned drivers. Easy Driveae full time drivers are experts navigating Dubai’s roads.

Your personal driver intimately understands:

  • The best routes to avoid traffic at different times 
  • Locations of speed cameras and accident hot spots
  • Hidden shortcuts tourists don’t know about
  • Where construction projects cause detours
  • Tricks for finding elusive parking 

Tap into your driver’s wealth of Dubai knowledge to reach destinations swiftly and masterfully.

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Focus on You While Your Driver Focuses on Driving

Juggling calls, emails, texts and more while driving yourself is a risky distraction. With a professional full day driver service from Easy Driveae, you reclaim your commute.

Rather than battling traffic, you can:

  • Make phone calls and hold meetings 
  • Answer urgent emails to get ahead  
  • Review documents and prepare for upcoming obligations
  • Squeeze in reading or cloud-based learning
  • Relax and rest to improve productivity

Arrive focused, refreshed and ready to conquer your day. Our drivers manage the driving so you can focus on business or yourself.

Avoid the Hassles and Costs of Car Ownership 

Owning a car in Dubai brings many headaches — payments, insurance, maintenance, registration, parking fees and more. With a full time driver you get all the benefits of a private car service without the costs and hassles of owning.

Our full time drivers Dubai provide: 

  • Vehicle maintenance and repairs
  • Insurance coverage
  • Handling of registration requirements
  • Finding convenient parking 
  • Paying fines or fees
  • Managed fuel costs

Get everything you need from point-to-point transportation, without car ownership burdens.

Questions We Often Get:

First, browse driver profiles online and select your preferred driver. Next, contact Easy Driveae to establish an optimal schedule that suits your needs – routes, hours, days and location specifics. Finally, make any desired customizations like vehicle preferences.

To ensure excellent service, our full time drivers must:

  • Hold valid private driver licenses for 3+ years 
  • Have 5+ years of Dubai driving experience
  • Maintain clean driving records without major violations
  • Pass extensive background checks

We only provide fully qualified, experienced drivers ready to be hired full time.

Many clients book drivers for standard business hours or a consistent 10 hour shift. However, you can customize hours based on your needs. Most full time drivers work 40-50 hours per week, following labor regulations. To allow for breaks, book 1-2 hours more than you need daily.

At Easy Driveae, we ensure coverage and continuity. If your regular full time driver is ever unavailable for a scheduled pickup, we immediately arrange for a safe, screened backup to take their place. You always get timely, reliable service.

We closely oversee driver performance using telematics, mandatory inspections, customer surveys, on-time metrics, training and more. This ensures high service standards are continually met so you enjoy an outstanding experience.

Hiring a Easy Driveae Full Time Driver

The Benefits of Hiring a Easy Driveae Full Time Driver

Discovering how a professional full time driver can simplify your busy Dubai lifestyle may be life changing. Consider these prime benefits:

Stability – With a regular driver, you can finally establish an ironclad transportation routine to keep your days seamlessly flowing.

Efficiency – Stop wasting precious time fighting traffic or finding parking. Reclaim your commute by focusing on what’s important instead.

Convenience – Forget the hassles of car ownership. Your driver handles everything so you simply get where need to be with ease. 

Consistency – Forge a rapport with one outstanding driver who takes the guesswork out of daily transportation. 

Accountability – With a dedicated driver, you have set expectations and full oversight of their schedule and performance.

Productivity – Stay productive en route. Your driver handles the road so you can handle business calls, emails and tasks.

Cost Savings – Gain all the benefits of a private car service without the high costs and headaches of owning your own vehicle.

For optimized, stress-free daily transportation that makes an invaluable addition to your team, hire an Easy Driveae full time driver. Reach out today to get a custom quote designed for your needs.

When you need Easy Driveae

When you are out for a party or a function and having great fun, who wants to have tension on driving back home? Full Time Driver gives you a complete solution; we will provide a rightful and responsible chauffeur to all your events, parties, sporting events, or any occasion where you require the driver's support. Our full time driver will make you relax and make all your events and parties tension-free.


The safety of our customers is our prime factor. Our drivers are trained at a high level to ensure the safety of our customers while traveling in our cars.


We provide 24/7 service & customer support. You can book us anytime & anywhere in Dubai and call us for safe driver-related support.

Fixed Pricing

No Surge, No Meter, and No Surprises. We are providing fixed pricing for all our services. You don’t need to worry about any additional payments.

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