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Get Reliable Monthly Driver Service

Explore the convenience of our premier Monthly Driver Service in Dubai. Experience effortless commutes with our skilled drivers who ensure your safety and punctuality. Trust Easy Driveae’s years of expertise in providing top-notch Driver Services, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. Elevate your daily journeys with our reliable and professional monthly driver solutions, tailored to your unique needs.

Monthly Driver Service Near Me

2 Hours AED 120

Monthly Driver Service Booking Starts from

Dubai Monthly Driver Service Made Easy with Easy Driveae

Driving in Dubai’s hectic traffic can be an absolute nightmare. The jampacked roads, desperate hunt for parking, and road rage inducing chaos are enough to drain anyone. 

What if you could sit back and have someone else take over the driving? With Easy Driveae’s monthly driver service, you can do just that. Read on to see how our dedicated drivers can make your daily commute smooth, stress-free and convenient.

Leave the Headaches of Driving Behind with Your Own Personal Driver

Having an experienced personal driver through Easy Driveae offers a host of benefits that can make your daily transportation woes disappear:

Forget Fighting Through Grueling Traffic

Your skilled driver will handle navigating through Dubai’s congested roads, traffic jams, and detours so you can relax or catch up on emails in the backseat during your commute. With someone else driving, you’ll avoid getting frazzled from traffic.

Never Waste Time Endlessly Hunting for Parking Again

Your driver will take care of identifying and maneuvering into tight parking spots near your destination so you can exit the car right at the door. No more fruitless circling for a spot or parking kilometers away.

Always Arrive On Time – No More Late Entrances

With a professional driver behind the wheel, punctuality is guaranteed. Your experienced driver knows how to optimize routes and factor in traffic to get you to work, meetings, the airport, or events right on schedule. Forget flustered, late entrances. 

Travel in Utter Comfort and Luxury  

You’ll be driven around in plush comfort in our well-maintained, posh luxury vehicles like BMW, Audi, Lexus. Our courteous drivers are trained to deliver an outstanding, premium service experience.

Regain Your Productivity and Lower Your Stress

Spend your travel time answering urgent emails, finishing up presentations, or returning calls instead of clenching your fists in frustration over red lights. Our drivers reduce daily stress and give you your time back.

Tailored Service Personalized Just for You

Let us know your specific requirements, preferences, stops, frequently visited destinations etc. and we’ll match you with a driver who meets your unique needs to a tee. Get personalized service for all your daily trips. 

Surprisingly Cost-Effective and Convenient

When you tally up car loan payments, insurance, maintenance, parking costs, and fuel – having your own driver is far more affordable in comparison. Ditch the costs and headaches of car ownership for a simple monthly driver fee.

monthly driver service near me

Why Easy Driveae is the Go-To Choice for Reliable Monthly Drivers

With our sterling reputation in Dubai, Easy Driveae is the most trusted choice for dependable monthly chauffeur services. Here’s why:

We Only Hire the Best

We put potential drivers through a rigorous 17-step screening, background checks, and vetting process before hiring. Only drivers with impeccable records can make the cut.

Intensive Training Turns Our Drivers Into Experts

We invest heavily in put our drivers through 160+ hours of intensive training on defensive driving, safe driving practices, Dubai traffic rules and fines, etiquette, car maintenance, navigation, and VIP customer service.

Drivers Have Familiarity with Dubai’s Roads

Thanks to thousands of trips across Dubai, our experienced drivers have an intimate first-hand understanding of optimal routes, short cuts, road conditions etc. throughout the city.

24/7 Customer Support

Our helpful customer service team is always available 24/7 through call, email or chat. Any concern is addressed immediately for your utmost convenience.

Live GPS Tracking of Your Rides

All our vehicles are GPS-tracked so you can monitor your driver’s location and route in real time through our app for complete peace of mind and transparency.

Vehicle Maintenance

We proactively handle all scheduled vehicle maintenance checks, oil changes, warranty issues and any unexpected repairs so you always have a safe, well-functioning vehicle.

Regular Inspections Ensure Quality

Our team performs thorough twice-monthly vehicle inspections checking safety, cleanliness, and serviceability standards. This ensures you consistently receive impeccably maintained transportation.

We Have a Standby Driver Network

If your regular driver ever faces an unexpected absence, we immediately dispatch an equally qualified standby driver so you face no disruption in reliable service.

Chauffeur Services in Dubai

How Our Streamlined Monthly Chauffeur Service Works

Eager to bid adieu to the headaches of driving yourself? Here’s an overview of how our convenient monthly driver service functions:

Select the Right Plan to Suit Your Driving Needs

Browse our flexible monthly plans based on the number of hours or kilometres you estimate needing. Top up extra hours or kilometers anytime with just a few clicks. 

We Find the Perfect Driver Match for You

Tell us your commuting needs, preferences and expectations. Our rigorous driver matching process finds the ideal driver for your unique requirements to ensure the best fit.

Your Dedicated Driver Will Remain Consistent

You’ll have the same professional driver throughout the month at your chosen timings. They’ll drive you to work, business meetings, events, appointments etc. reliably.  

Seamless Management Through Our Intuitive App

Through our user-friendly website, you can easily track your driver, change timings, assign stops and make ride requests quickly without hassles.

Ensure Accountability via Ratings and Reviews 

Please rate and review your driver regularly through the website so we can proactively address any concerns and continuously improve our service quality.

We Provide Round-the-Clock Backup Support

Our 24/7 support team handles any issues like driver illness, vehicle breakdowns, lateness etc. promptly so your plans aren’t impacted in any way.

Flexibility to Pause or Resume Service When You Need

Going overseas for a month? Simply inform us in advance to pause service. We’ll resume it immediately when you return – no questions asked.

Why Having a Consistent Monthly Driver is Advantageous

While on-demand drivers are handy for one-off trips, having the same chauffeur daily through our monthly service offers many perks:

  • Your regular driver intimately understands preferred routes, stops, timings, music choices etc. making each day smooth.
  • Familiarity between you and the driver breeds trust, comfort and superior service through rapport built over time. 
  • Your driver alerts you about traffic and suggests plan alterations in advance rather than after arrival.
  • Planning regular meetings, site visits etc. is easier when your driver’s schedule is locked in. 
  • Your personal driver keeps your vehicle well stocked with favourite snacks, beverages, music and at your optimal temperature.
  • No repetition needed – your driver already knows all your details unlike on-demand ones. He shows up prepared.

Questions We Often Get:

Let us know your ideal pickup time, and we’ll ensure your driver arrives 10-15 minutes early to avoid delays making you late.

Certainly, just inform your driver of expected wait times in advance. Wait charges apply per hour after the initial gratis 30 minutes.

You can directly call your driver enroute to make additional stop requests, last minute changes etc. But do inform them ASAP.

All fuel, parking, Salik tag, and maintenance costs during your trips or waiting time are included in your monthly bill – no surprises.

We can arrange a larger 8 or 13-seater vehicle with a driver to comfortably transport your family, friends or business associates together.

Point-To-Point Driver Service Dubai

Begin Enjoying Effortless Daily Commutes with Easy Driveae

Whether you seek reliable drivers for work, family needs or leisure, Easy Driveae offers the optimal driver solution. Our drivers are the pinnacle of punctuality, experience and personalized service. With budget-friendly plans starting from 69 AED for every need, you can finally say goodbye to driving headaches and embrace total convenience.

Contact us today to get started with a 5-star driver for your unique needs. Our experts are eager to answer your questions and get you enjoying seamless point-to-point transportation with our trusted monthly driver service in Dubai.

When you need Easy Driveae

When you are out for a party or a function and having great fun, who wants to have tension on driving back home? Monthly Driver gives you a complete solution; we will provide a rightful and responsible chauffeur to all your events, parties, sporting events, or any occasion where you require the driver's support. Our monthly driver will make you relax and make all your events and parties tension-free.


The safety of our customers is our prime factor. Our drivers are trained at a high level to ensure the safety of our customers while traveling in our cars.


We provide 24/7 service & customer support. You can book us anytime & anywhere in Dubai and call us for safe driver-related support.

Fixed Pricing

No Surge, No Meter, and No Surprises. We are providing fixed pricing for all our services. You don’t need to worry about any additional payments.

Our Process

How Monthly Driving Service Works

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