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Hourly Driver Booking

Welcome to Easy Driveae, your trusted choice for hourly driver bookings in Dubai. With our expertise in chauffeur services, we offer safe and convenient transportation solutions. Our professional drivers ensure a comfortable journey for your special events or business needs. Experience the convenience of Easy Driveae today.

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Looking for a reliable driver in Dubai? Need someone to shuttle you around town safely and efficiently at an hourly rate? Our driver booking service offers the solution. With Hourly Driver Booking through Easy Driverae, you can hire experienced drivers on demand to take you wherever you need to go in Dubai.

Getting around a big, busy city like Dubai can be frustrating, especially if you’re not familiar with the roads or don’t want to deal with traffic and parking.

Even locals who know their way around can benefit from leaving the driving to someone else. That’s where our convenient driver booking service comes in.

Instead of riding with strangers through ridesharing services, our drivers are vetted for safety, professionalism and expertise.

We connect you directly with skilled drivers you can trust to get you where you need to go, right on your schedule.

With Easy Driverae, you can book experienced drivers by the hour so you always have a personalized ride option handy.

hourly driver booking in dubai

Why Choose Hourly Driver Booking in Dubai?

As a visitor or resident in Dubai, you deserve to get around town in comfort and style without the hassle of driving yourself. Hourly driver booking through Easy Driverae offers many advantages:


Book a private driver instantly through our site and get picked up right on time without lengthy waits. No inconvenient public transport schedules or trying to hail a taxi.


Our experienced drivers undergo extensive screening and background checks. They are professionally trained to provide timely, courteous service.

Local Knowledge

Our drivers know Dubai extremely well, including how to avoid traffic and get you to your destination efficiently.


Book by the hour for ultimate flexibility. Ride for a single short trip or keep the driver all day on standby.


Drivers are professional and courteous, opening doors for you and handling luggage or other needs. Ride in clean, well-maintained vehicles.


Our thorough vetting process and tracking features give peace of mind.


No surged pricing like other services. Competitive hourly rates and discounts for longer bookings make our service a budget-friendly transportation option.


Hourly drivers can take you anywhere within the city limits of Dubai popular nearby destinations like Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah.

Who Can Benefit from Hourly Driver Booking

Who Can Benefit from Hourly Driver Booking?

Many types of travellers and Dubai residents can benefit from using our convenient hourly driver service:

  • Business travellers who need to get to meetings or the airport without the hassle
  • Tourists sightseeing in Dubai who want to leave the map reading and parking headaches behind
  • Expats or new Dubai residents still learning their way around
  • Senior citizens or people with disabilities who need assistance
  • Families with small children and lots of luggage/strollers
  • Individuals want an evening out without worrying about driving home
  • Anyone wanting the comfort, security and efficiency of a private driver

Our professionally vetted drivers have experience transporting everyone from business executives to large travel groups with ease.

With door-to-door pickup and drop-off, you can sit back and focus on your trip, not navigating or parking.

Key Benefits of Booking an Hourly Driver:

Here are some of the top perks you can enjoy through Easy Driverae’s hourly driver service:

No Surge Pricing:

Unlike rideshare services, our prices don’t fluctuate. The hourly rate you agree to upfront is the rate you pay. No surprise price hikes at peak times.

Cash or Cashless Payment:

Pay upon booking online or pay your driver directly in cash at the end of your trip. Very convenient, especially for longer day trips.

Book in Advance:

Schedule your driver in advance to ensure availability when you need them. Last-minute bookings may also be accommodated.

Requested Pickups:

We pick you up and drop you off wherever you specify within Dubai. No need to walk to a taxi stand or wait on the corner.


Going for drinks? Our drivers will safely transport you to and from your destinations at any hour.

Key Benefits of Booking an Hourly Driver

Experienced & Vetted:

Our drivers undergo DMV, background checks and extensive screening before driving for Easy Driverae. They are certified in safe driving practices.

Flexible Booking:

Book by the hour with no minimum. Keep the driver on standby all day or release them earlier than expected. You only pay for the time used.

Efficient Driving:

Knowledgeable about Dubai’s roads, our drivers take the most time-efficient routes. Sit back and relax as they navigate traffic. 

Questions We Often Get:

Simply book online through our website specifying the start time and location. Pay per hour for the driver’s time. Extend or shorten as needed day.

No problem! Just contact your driver via text or call letting them know you’ll be late. You only pay for extra time outside the originally booked hours.

Yes, hourly booking allows flexibility for multiple stops or waiting during errands. Just build in extra time.

Yes, please request car seats or boosters during booking. We provide them free of charge.

We only work with drivers fluent in English for good communication and instructions.

Try Hourly Driver Booking in Dubai Risk-Free

Try Hourly Driver Booking in Dubai Risk-Free:

Getting around Dubai has never been easier or more convenient. With our hourly driver service, you get personalized pickup, drop-off and driving support exactly when and where you need it. Avoid rental car or taxi frustrations and see the city stress-free. 

Experience luxury driving services with none of the hassle. Let us handle your driving so you can enjoy special moments in this world-class city.

When you need Easy Driveae

When you are out for a party or a function and having great fun, who wants to have tension on driving back home? Hourly driver service gives you a complete solution; we will provide a rightful and responsible chauffeur to all your events, parties, sporting events, or any occasion where you require the driver’s support. A hourly driver will make you relax and make all your events and parties tension-free.


The safety of our customers is our prime factor. Our drivers are trained at a high level to ensure the safety of our customers while traveling in our cars.


We provide 24/7 service & customer support. You can book us anytime & anywhere in Dubai and call us for safe driver-related support.

Fixed Pricing

No Surge, No Meter, and No Surprises. We are providing fixed pricing for all our services. You don’t need to worry about any additional payments.

Our Process

How Hourly Driver Booking Works?

Start your journey here and manage your travel on the go.

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Make a Booking

chauffeur service in Dubai - hire a driver in Dubai

Pickup Location

chauffeur service in Dubai - hire a driver in Dubai

Meet Your Chauffeur

chauffeur service in Dubai - hire a driver in Dubai

Pay Cash or Card

Make a call or WhatsApp For Packages Details

Call our Agent to Get a Quote.

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