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In Dubai: Hire a Dubai Personal Driver 

Dubai is one of the most populous emirates of UAE. Getting around the place can become rather challenging when in a car. To guarantee travel, you require a driver service. Without it, there is a definite prospect for you to lose count of how often comfort and convenience are within your reach. Having a driver that is all yours is also a feeling that makes you feel like a king or queen making your time in this city memorable.

It is this ultimate guide that will assist you in identifying the right personal driver service to work with in Dubai. Easy Drive will assist you in getting around this city as safely and reliably as possible.

Understanding the Need for a Personal Driver

Whenever you want to hire a personal driver in Dubai monthly, you are relieved from the headache of having to maintain a vehicle, finding a parking space, the potential fines from traffic laws, and the potential delay in getting to your destination.

Seasoned drivers are conversant with traffic regimes, roads, well-known places, and other attractions and this enables you to tour this city with relative ease.

While using a personal driver you will be directed to use a certain road that is most appropriate for you as compared to using public transport. On client demand Easy Drive will arrange services that are more affordable and suitable .

If you get a driver, you will cut most of the time you spend on your commute as they are familiar with the roads. This also eliminates time spent on calls, emails, or preparing for a meeting or an interview through the time spent within a vehicle hence increasing productivity.

Besides, with a professional Easy Drive personal driver, you also get safety, flexibility, and time-saving which in turn makes your traveling even more rewarding.

Features to Consider When Hiring a Personal Driver

Here are some factors that would be useful for which you should be aware when getting into a personal monthly driver service in Dubai.

Check Reputation and Reviews

As much as you would like to get a quick and conclusive response about the driver service and its prices and how professional the drivers are and the quality of their services you should take a look at what people have to say about the driver service in general.

Fleet Diversity

Ensure the service provider has a range of cars from the basic sedan cars to the luxury ones as well as the ones that are family-friendly like SUVs, Limos, etc. Easy Drive has a multitude of cars, suggesting that they interact with all kinds of consumers.


If a company has helped more people find their life partners, then the company will be more than willing to provide some references. Easy drive will ask customers whether they are satisfied with our services or not with the driver performance or take a review from the client.


Choose a driver company in Dubai that has many years of giving services. The Easy Drive service provider will deliver the best traveling experience the longer the service provider existed.

Licenses, Credentials, and Insurance

The рersonаl driver you hire must be licensed to drive in the UAE and must not have any record of an accident or any other legal cases involving driving. Moreover, it is advisable to background check the driver as well as ensure the company owns an insurance policy for the driver and the passenger.

Managing Your Driver Services

 Several things can be done on your end to optimally manage the driver services

It will be important to ensure that the needs and requirements of both parties are established and conveyed, particularly to the drivers.

 Right pick-up and drop-down points.

 Let them know that a lot of your future scheduled and timed meetings and appointments will be.

 Ensure that the driver carries out regular analysis of the car’s system.

Always remember to include them in the day’s events, activities, or any important event that is going to take place.

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Budgeting and Cost Estimation

Several factors and aspects are considered when carrying out cost estimation when hiring a personal driver in Dubai; some of them include the following; Facilities like internet access can also increase the prices even further. But ensure you precisely establish the correct value that you shall be getting in return for the said amount before concluding the deal.


To travel inside Dubai a personal car is a must. This is important if you want to enjoy this city in the relative way that I have described above. If you hire Easy Drive driver service bearing all these into consideration, the services you receive will be unmatched, and other than that, a lot of time will be saved while in Dubai. Therefore, if planning to travel through Dubai, Easy Drive offers the services of an appropriate personal driver in Dubai to ensure that you enjoy your journey most comfortably and in utmost luxury without being served with raw services.

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