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10 Facts About Hiring Chauffeur Service In Dubai, UAE

Tips for Hiring Chauffeur Service In Dubai, UAE

Dubai is synonymous with over-the-top luxury. The glitzy Emirate entices visitors with its soaring skyscrapers, massive malls, Michelin-starred cuisine, and exotic attractions like Palm Jumeirah. But perhaps the ultimate extravagance is exploring it from the backseat of a chauffeured Rolls-Royce or Mercedes. Hiring a professional chauffeur service allows you to experience the sights of Dubai in true VIP style. Skilled local drivers whisk you around the city. It’s a convenient, comfortable way to travel that many tourists and residents enjoy.

If you’re considering booking chauffeur services in Dubai, there are key facts you should know beforehand. This guide will overview essential pieces of information about hiring drivers in the UAE’s most glamorous destination. You’ll discover pricing models, vehicle options, tips for reservations, and more to help plan luxurious hassle-free transportation.

Read on to learn insider facts that will ensure your chauffeured travels around Dubai are smooth, safe, and positively decadent.

10 Facts About Hiring Chauffeur Service In Dubai

Wide Variety of Luxury Vehicles 

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of booking chauffeurs in Dubai is the incredible fleet of luxury vehicles at your disposal! Top companies offer everything from late model Mercedes sedans and BMW 7-Series to Rolls Royce Phantoms and Bentley Continental Flying Spurs. 

Larger parties can reserve a stretch limousine with plush leather seating for 6-8 passengers. Families and groups may opt for Mercedes Sprinter vans or luxury coaches. Many companies also have a full range of luxury SUVs like Cadillac Escalades, Audi Q7s, and Land Rover Range Rovers perfect for desert safaris or trips to Abu Dhabi.

The right chauffeured vehicle for you depends on factors like group size, trip purpose, required amenities, and more. For example, an airport pickup or business meeting can be nicely facilitated in a Mercedes E-Class sedan. A night out club hopping may call for a ritzy Rolls-Royce. Discuss your needs with the chauffeur company to select the ideal vehicle.

Advance Booking is Highly Recommended

Last minute bookings are often disappointed to find limited vehicle availability and driver shortages during Dubai’s busy tourism seasons. For the best chance at reserving your preferred chauffeured car – especially coveted models like Rolls-Royce and Bentley – make reservations 1-2 months in advance if possible. 

This ensures you lock in the vehicle type, driver, and exact pick-up times you desire. At minimum, book your chauffeur one week ahead of time, and 24 hours for quicker point-to-point transfers. Walk-in requests often mean compromising on car selection and timing. Plan ahead for the optimal chauffeur experience.

Fluency in Many Languages

English is widely spoken in Dubai, so you can certainly arrange an English-fluent chauffeur for ease of communication. But top companies catering to visitors also have multilingual drivers proficient in many other popular languages.

Drivers speak Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Bengali, Tagalog, Chinese, German, Spanish, and more. When booking, request your preferred language so you have zero barrier interacting with your chauffeur.

Know the Various Pricing Models

Chauffeur services use several types of fee structures in Dubai. Hourly rates apply for point-to-point transfers or hourly rental with a minimum duration, usually 2-4 hours.

Daily rates cover longer bookings like full-day sightseeing. Airport transfers to hotels often have flat fees per vehicle. And some companies offer all-inclusive package rates for popular routes and attractions.

Understand the pricing model, associated surcharges, service fees, and customary tips which are 15-20%. Most reputable companies accept credit cards to pre-pay reservations. Knowing cost inputs ensures transparent budgeting.

Tipping is Standard Practice  

As in most countries, tipping your chauffeur in Dubai is standard practice, generally 15-20% of your total fare. Cash tips are greatly preferred at the end of your ride. However, check if gratuity is already included in your overall quote, as some companies bake tips in.

How much you tip also depends on factors like exceptional service, large/difficult luggage loads, and your total fare cost. For example, on a $50 airport transfer, a $10-15 tip is appropriate. But for longer charter services costing a few hundred dollars, 20% tipping is suitable.

Female Chauffeurs Available

Conservative cultures or female travelers often prefer booking female drivers in Dubai. Many chauffeur companies happily accommodate this request.

There are certainly skilled women working as professional chauffeurs in Dubai. Specify you would like a female driver when booking, and the company will make the ideal match. Having a woman driver is often reassuring for solo women visitors or families traveling with children.

Child Safety Seats Provided

When reserving chauffeur transfers in Dubai, properly request toddler car seats, booster seats, or infant carriers as needed for safe children’s transport. Reputable companies carry necessary safety seats and boosters to comply with UAE child vehicle laws.

Mention the exact ages/weights of your little ones so the appropriate child restraints can be installed ahead of time. Some companies include car seats gratis while others charge a small rental fee. Either way, child safety comes first.

Plan Your Route in Advance

One mistake visitors make is failing to specify a detailed itinerary when booking chauffeurs. Instead of just saying “take me sightseeing”, clearly map out everywhere you want to go and in what order. This allows the driver to strategize the most time/cost efficient route.

Provide all the must-see sites you want included, the order of importance, timing at each, and if food/bathroom stops are needed. This helps the chauffeur customize and maximize your experience. Specific routes also determine total pricing.

Licensed Companies Are Safest  

Any professional chauffeur company operating in Dubai must hold a valid license issued by the Roads & Transport Authority. This guarantees they follow regulations for vehicle maintenance, driver vetting, insurance coverage and more.

Booking a licensed firm ensures you ride with legitimate professionals, not random taxi drivers. Check licenses are up-to-date and use only insured cars. Unregulated “limos” trolling for fares often skip these safeguards.

Ideal for Tourists and Residents Alike

Visitors may first think of chauffeurs solely for airport greetings and sightseeing. But Dubai residents also frequently use drivers for daily activities.

Chauffeurs conveniently transport kids to school, take professionals to meetings, run local errands, and provide safe rides home from events and nights out. Business travelers rely on chauffeurs for airport transfers and client visits. Families with kids, car-less residents, and elderly individuals are also regular clients.

In summary, chauffeur services in Dubai cater to all sorts of transportation needs for tourists and residents. With luxury vehicles and skilled drivers, it makes traversing the city easy, comfortable, and classy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book a chauffeur in Dubai?

Ideally 4-6 weeks pre-travel during peak visitor seasons. At minimum 1 week ahead, or 24 hours for quick transfers.

What is the best way to reserve chauffeur airport pickups?

Provide your exact flight details – airline, arrival time, terminal. Specify if you have checked bags. Share full lodging address.

What kinds of vehicles do chauffeur companies offer in Dubai?

Luxury sedans, SUVs, vans and limos from brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lexus, Cadillac, and more.

How much does it cost to hire a driver in Dubai?

Rates range $50-$500+ USD depending on vehicle type, trip duration, and extras. Sedans average $60-100/hour. Airport transfers around $65-100.

Should you tip chauffeurs in Dubai? If so, how much?

Yes, tipping 15-20% of fare is standard unless already included. Cash tips preferred at ride end. 10-15% suffices for quick airport transfers.  


We hope these tips shed light on what’s entailed in booking chauffeur services when visiting opulent Dubai. From the expansive fleet of luxury vehicles you can ride in to tips on advance reservations, you now have inside intel to plan your travels. Chauffeured transportation really is the best way to experience all the glitz Dubai offers. You can sit back and relax, focusing on soaking up the sights, not navigating traffic. Let a knowledgeable professional take care of you door-to-door while you cruise about in sheer luxury.

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