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Meet and Greet Service in Dubai

Luxury Airport Meet and Greet Service in Dubai

Welcome to Easy Drive! Airports are busy and stressful places for many people and using them for traveling can be challenging. Some of the inconveniences one might experience include long queues for check-in, various formalities, and just finding your way through one of the most populated airports in the world might be a daunting task overriding the joy of traveling. However, the airport experience in Dubai can always be made a lot easier with the help of Easydrive’s Airport Meet and Greet service. This blog is here to inform you about the exceptional service Easy Drive has to offer and why your experience in the Dubai International Airport (DXB) should be nothing less than extraordinary.

What are Airport meet and greet services?

Airport meet and greet services refer to a service where a professional driver is hired by a client to meet at the airport to provide the latter with transportation services to the desired destination.

Airport Meet and Greet services are planned to help customers who need assistance as soon as they arrive at the airport terminal until they get to their car. These services can include:

  • Common speedy passages to immigration and security controls
  •  Porter service for luggage
  • Service in visa and documents
  •  Access to exclusive lounges
  • Scoot to your car or means of transport

In other words, all of these services are designed to remove all the stress during your airport trip and provide the best experience. Easy drive has a competitive advantage since it provides a customized service within a highly populated industry of airport facilities. At easy drive, we pride ourselves in creating a perfect environment of Meet and Greet customized to suit the travelers’ needs each time they are to travel or return. :

Why easy drive is the preferred choice

1. Personalized Assistance

Since the time one gets out of the aircraft, there is an Easydrive agent ready to help. Our agents will ensure you get the right assistance when it comes to luggage, immigration, and even customs. This personalized service means that one is never on his/her own to fend for oneself in the aerodrome.

2. Fast-track through Airport Procedures

Dubai International Airport is considered one of the most efficient airports globally however, like any airport, they are not immune to delay especially during the rush hour. The Meet and Greet service provided by easy drive also comes with additional options to skip long lines at immigration or security checks. This makes it easier for one to move around the airport without a lot of concerns hence saving time.

3. Exclusive Lounge Access

Of course, the valuable client receives all the conveniences, including the opportunity to get to the airport through the VIP area. Here, you can take your time, have refreshments at our expense, and connect to fast wireless internet to kill time before your flight. These are a plush area that is set outside the main terminal, free from traffic and bustle of activities.

4. Comprehensive Support

Need to hire a car with child seats or baby boosters, a wheelchair for the elderly, or other equipment needed for entrepreneurs with disabilities? If you thought the ads were fake and Easy Drive was a scam, you are wrong. Thus they have been established to provide services that may meet the needs of every client. Another concern that we have for all our clients, especially the elderly or disadvantaged, is to ensure that they do not undergo any stressful times when they are out on tour.

5. Seamless Transfers

Whether you are coming to Dubai, going out of the city, or even if you are in transit, Easy Drive will guarantee a smooth transfer. We keep our agents in touch with your transport means to facilitate your movement from the airport to your preferred destination. This includes help with hiring a car, arranging for a driver or a shuttle to the next destination, or connecting flights.

6. Comfort and Convenience

When arriving at your destination after a flight, anything such as pulling heavy suitcases or getting lost in a large airport is not desirable. VIP services include check-in and baggage porterage, as well as transportation and ground handling services. Hence, free access to business and first-class lounges implies that you can relax in style before the subsequent flight.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

Provide Accurate Information: Make sure your travel itineraries have all the right information so that there are no problems on the road.

Communicate Special Needs: If there are certain needs, for example, to use a wheelchair, or you are a vegetarian and prefer vegetarian food at the lounge, then contact us beforehand.

Arrive on Time: Please ensure that you arrive at the airport early enough to fully access the benefits we have to offer in our Meet and Greet service.

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Steps to book the Easydrive’s meet and greet service

It is easy to book for the Meet and Greets with Easy drive. Follow these steps to enhance your travel experience:

Please check our website

As for the Meet and Greet services, visit the Easy drive website to obtain more relevant information. To explain this to you better please find our different packages below:

Pick Your Package

Easy drive has different levels of service, which are available for a reasonable price, from basic assistance to getting a free pass to the VIP lounge and private transfer. Choose the package that is relevant to your needs.

Fill in your travel information

Please provide your flight details and any additional details regarding the necessary facilities. This makes our agents to be prepared for your arrival and also creates assurance that all is set for a smooth process.

Confirmation of your booking

Once you have gone through your details, you will need to confirm your booking. In the confirmation email, you will get all the details needed such as the location to meet your Easy drive agent and the activities after getting there.


The Airport Meet and Greet service of Easy Drive in Dubai is a state-of-the-art and luxurious service with complete care for clients. Thus, by using the services of easy drive, you can change the perception of your airport experience from a hassle to a pleasure, to get ready for the fun part of the trip. No matter if you are a frequent business traveler trying to save time, a family eager to not think about transportation at all or a person who appreciates comfort with a hint of luxury. Easy drive will allow you to travel better and in greater comfort and make your way through Dubai International Airport with ease!

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